The following entries (from beginning runner to half marathon finisher) represents a continuing journey of tremendous grief and sorrow, and of transformation - largely through the therapeutic power of running. The sorrow that has broken my heart open wide has in time allowed me to experience the beauty of being in the present moment. And of course, without the support of family and friends to guide me, I would not have made it this far.

If you have lost someone in your life, I offer these words and verse (some Kristy's, some mine and others) with the hope it may touch your heart and help you heal.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Kristy and Jack

Today is your birthday, and I would rather remember your birth than your death.  I know your family and friends are all thinking of you today Kristy.  This last year was another milestone - and you would have been 33 today.  Who knows what you would have accomplished?  Each time I look at your photo I feel as if I am looking into myself.  It's as if I am holding all my memories of you in one hand and there is so much love. One thing is certain - no one who knew you will ever forget you.  You are connected to us all.

What are Earth Roots, my daughter asked
when she was just a child,
examining each flower in its home.

Earth Roots are a special connection,
a sacred thread that joins our spirits
to every living thing, I said.  Earth Roots
Join me to you, and you to birds and flowers.

In her hand my daughter held a sparrow
with a broken wing.  She said:
Can Earth Roots make the sparrow fly again?

The sparrow can become a rose, in time,
just as the rose takes wing, I said.
Earth Roots make all things possible.

My daughter did not understand these things
until she had a daughter of her own.
Then she saw the way Earth Roots join
The sparrow to the rose.

-  Earth Roots, by Nancy Wood

P.S.  Jack sends you his love.  He misses you.


  1. Happy birthday my friend. You and i have been friends for only short time, but your affect on my life is nothing bit positive all positive. Tonight after work, you will be in my thoughts and we will share a rainy ride up to the top Of Santa Cruz mountains. Through the tears of god we ascend into the clouds.

    Peter t.